Misión y Valores

Mission Library

The University of Cádiz Library’s mission is to collaborate in the achievement of the University’s objectives through the management, transformation and dissemination of information resources, services and technological utilities that contribute to learning, generation and transfer of knowledge and culture, as well as the integral formation of people and professionals.

Mission Archive


From the Library and Archive Area of the University of Cádiz we promote the values of our institution through the following actions:

Scope of the behavior: Effort, Responsibility, Honesty and Professionalism.

  • We seek excellence in each of our activities.
  • We offer our service in an atmosphere of respect and cordiality.
  • We strive to be socially responsible in our area and lines of action.

Scope of rights: Equality, Justice and Equity

  • We guarantee access to information.
  • We respect intellectual property rights and data protection.
  • We adapt our services for people with disabilities.

Scope of relations: Participation, Plurality, Integration, Respect for people and ideas and Solidarity.

  • We work collaboratively with the entire university community.
  • We cooperate with other libraries and archives.
  • We encourage teamwork where singularity and individual aspirations are valued.

Scope of the organization and its operation: Tranparency, Continuous Improvement and Efficiency

  • We manage in a transparent way.
  • We base our management system on continuous improvement.
  • We strive to know and meet the needs of our users.
  • We promote our intellectual and technological capital by applying creativity and innovation in our products.